An internship at Bridge Church is a fantastic way for you to position yourself within an environment designed to develop your ministry gifts, expand your leadership capacity and help you discover what serving in the local church is all about. Our desire is that you would gain a greater understanding of who you are in God as you step into this exciting opportunity.


The program runs for one year, during which time you’ll be inspired by powerful teaching, discipleship and mentoring from some of our senior leaders, as well as the opportunity to serve in a variety of key ministry areas. You’ll gain invaluable experience and be challenged and stretched in ways you never imagined, as you allow yourself to be used by God in this year of purpose.

Throughout the course of the year, you will receive experience in a wide range of ministry areas at Bridge Church, one-on-one discipleship, as well as hands-on training in your chosen ministry department. Each intern serves two days a week in the area of their choice.

You will also undertake courses in Spiritual Leadership Formation and Personal Development & Teamwork (Cert IV accredited) through our Harvest City Campus. This will stir and motivate you through the practical study and application of the word of God.

We have available both start of year and midyear intake.